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Current President of NISET

                                                                   MAIN  OBJECTIVE OF NISET

For the purpose of precise information, only the most vital objectives are spelt out here.These are to: Provide a central organization for engineering technicians.Advance the interest of technical profession in Nigeria.Promote, protect, encourage and maintain a high standard of technical education and training to encourage greater efficiency amongst its members.Conduct and organize seminars, conferences, workshops, meetings, courses, symposia, technical shows, exhibitions and other similar exercises on technical topics and subjects in Nigeria. Or else where.

Promote and pursue research in technical practice  with particular reference to local needs and conditions. Promote and enforce high standard of performance and professional ethics among its members.Watch over, and protect the mutual interest of members and give advise on relevant issues.

Maintain and enhance links with national, international and multinational organizations to promote the objectives of the societyCollaborate with government, industries, commerce, the academia and other national and international bodies as may be necessary or convenient for the advancement of the objectives of the society, etc.

Services Offered :

  • To Promote, Protect, Encourage The  Enhancement of Technical Education In Nigeria.
  • To Conduct, Organize Seminars , Conferences, Exhibitions ,And Similar Exercises 
  • Such other Similar technical topics ,or projects, workshops, symposia,exhibitions-etc
Team Members
Projects Done
Awards Won
Membership Count
Power & Energy
Seeking To Maintain Sustainable Development In The Above Areas Of Natural Resources.
Wooden Work
What Are The treatments Required .
Agriculture Farming
Value chain Capacity Development In Agriculture-Maintenance Of Farm Machineries and Equipment.
Applications of First principles In The Main Objectives of Maintenance-Lubrication,The Use Of Non-Moving Parts
Construction & Building
The Use and Application Of Local Materials And Resources.
Oil & Gas
Viable Alternatives,Bio-Energy resources, Renewables.

Our Core Services

Material Engg.

Nano-Technology and Applications For Nigeria

Chemical Research

Local Colour Chemistry, and The research on Plants ,Extraction of Dye-Stuffs from non edible fruits found in Nigeria.

Oil & Lubricants

The Use Of Natural Oil and Nano Materials

Steel Cladding

Cladding of heat members  ,The Application Of farm Wastes.Heat exchangers and Local drying Of Grains In agriculture.

Mechanical Engg.

 MechaTronics and The Energy Efficiency of Machines

Power & Energy

Efficiency and Conservation Techniques in Fabrications and Construction. Road Map For Engineering Technicians

Steve Worms Wodo, FNISET-National PRO AND Nat. technical Secretary

Latest News about our Industry

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Iron Smelter

Our Iron And steel Company Must be Utilized to the Fullest to Produce Construction members for both the Building Industry and Chemical Plants .

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Maintenanance Of Distilation Equipments

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Gas Company

Construction of Designed Gas Stations, and Commercial, Industrial and Domestic   use of  Natural gas in Nigeria.Engineering technicians must be at the center position ..

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Oil Pipeline

Welding and Construction of Oil Pipelines

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Chemical Plants

 The Chemical Plants must ensure down stream development of  products for smaller industries maintained by Engineering Technicials.

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